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Fight Out is making strides in its mission to revolutionize the fitness and health industries completely, and its native token is on its way to a milestone of $3 million in capital raised.

Fight Out is a new move-to-earn (M2E) blockchain-based platform that is gaining traction among fitness enthusiasts with the goal of constructing real gyms with Web3-related functions. The platform, which was unveiled in 2022, operates with a simple premise – people will be more willing to get fit if they have a reason to. 
With that in mind, this move-to-earn platform is now giving users a financial incentive to stay fit. Fight Out will provide members with all the tools and content they need and will reward them for maintaining their physical fitness. 
When users sign up on Fight Out, the platform allows them to specify their fitness goals and objectives. They can also choose what parts of their bodies they would like to work on. The platform then designs exercise regimens and offers access to content they can find useful as they train. 
Using smart technology, Fight Out provides an easy way for users to keep track of their growth and progress. It tracks all important vitals to ensure that they follow their regimens. And as users make progress, Fight Out rewards them with tokens. 
Besides the main vitals, Fight Out lets users monitor several other critical metrics, including sleep, dietary intake, etc. This way, users can rest assured of a holistic approach to fitness and health.
In the Fight Out ecosystem, users earn REPS for completing workouts and improving their fitness. This in-app currency is given to them when they meet their fitness goals and can be used to pay for subscriptions and content. With REPS, players can purchase several in-store items, consult with trainers and sign up for the platform’s subscription service. 
Besides REPS, Fight Out also rewards users with badges. These badges offer different perks, including discounts on services and other in-app benefits. As the Fight Out ecosystem grows, there will be more functionalities for badges and REPS down the line. 
Fight Out has also been quick to adopt innovative concepts in its approach to fitness. Part of this is the platform’s use of the metaverse, which should help more users to engage better with each other. 
Players can create non-fungible token (NFT) avatars in the Fight Out metaverse. These avatars will be generated based on the metrics of the users, so they will become stronger as the users get fitter.
As part of the Fight Out metaverse, users can communicate and engage with each other. The platform will also allow them to participate in tournaments, competitions, and leagues. And it will include gyms and shops where users can purchase cosmetics and other in-app items. 
To power all of its activities, Fight Out has launched a native asset, FGHT. This ERC-20 token will act primarily as the medium for transactions within the Fight Out ecosystem. 
Users can employ FGHT to process transactions and engage in tournaments and leagues. Users can also exchange FGHT for REPS to complete in-app purchases. Since the asset is a proof-of-stake coin, staging FGHT can be done to earn different discounts and membership rewards. 

The FGHT token is available on presale. The digital asset has had an impressive run already, with over $2.89 million raised in less than two months. 
At the moment, investors can purchase FGHT for just $0.0166. However, the presale is held in stages, with the price increasing at each stage.
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