Mehwish Hayat became the voice of protesters against Indian citizenship law

mehwish hayat

Renowned actress Mehwish Hayat also became the voice of those protesting against the anti-Muslim citizenship law

Mehwish Hayat shared a video on social networking website Twitter in which Indian Muslim youth expressed reservations over controversial citizenship laws bill by the Modi government. Saying that I am Indian Muslim and I am ashamed to be a citizen of India.

The young man also said that anti-Muslim law is a test not only of Muslims. But also of the feelings and shame of Indian Hindus because when Hindus are deported, will Indian Hindus remain silent?

The young man appealed to the Indians, saying that what the Modi government has done is that if this process looks right, you should stand up and clap your hands. If you feel wrong, come on the streets and record your protest, and tell Modi that his bullying will not go away. And that way the country cannot move forward.

In response to the video of the Indian youth, Mehwish Hayat said:
“This person has a heart like me who has described the current situation in a good way.” 
I hope that by uniting we can come out of this vicious process.

Mehwish Hayat also said that if people did not rise up against this vicious act then I do not know what will happen, wake up as there is still time to stop them all.

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