March for Life? March for Our Lives? How to know the Difference Between the two Groups

March for Our Lives

One group is dedicated to ending abortion, and the other to ending gun violence. There’s too many similarities in their names for them to be anything short of similar.

March for Life is advocating to change the law while March for Our Lives is pushing for more gun control legislation. Across the country, rallies are planned by these two organizations to take place in order to bring awareness to their cause.

Here are some way to be able to tell the difference between the demonstrations.

There is not a reliable way to determine who is part of an anti-gun protest. Anti-gun violence demonstrations can be seen in red and white and for the demonstrators, they use blue and white colors. There are protests where both sides wear their colors too.

The symbol of the March for Our Lives demonstration is a rose. If you see people wearing a rose emblem, they are often at a March for Life protest or event. According to a website by the same name, they have long seen a rose as a symbol of life.

What are these groups that come from?

Identifying an event based on who is in attendance can be difficult. It’s hard to pick out the group of people you might be at a protest with because they match the event. However, some background on each group might make it easier to pick out the group of people you are protesting with.

Every year, January is a month when people from around the country take to the streets in an act of protest. The first March for Life took place in Washington, D.C., in 1974 one year after Roe v. Wade which is when protection for abortion was put into question.

The famous March for Our Lives movement happened in 2018 after a shooter killed 17 people and wounded 17 more at Stoneman Douglas High School. The event was started by the survivors of the mass shooting, who vary in age from high schoolers to adults.

One way to know what protest is taking place is to check the schedule. Both March for Life and March for Our Lives list their activities online with specific dates, times and locations.

Check social media to find out if you’re at a march for life or a march for our lives. Both marches have a presence on social media, and there’s likely to be someone at the protest who has uploaded photos or videos from the event.

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