Liteboxer Fitness Bundle -The Greatest Fitness Gadget of 2022

liteboxer fitness bundle

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is a virtual reality boxing gym where you can work out at home. It comes with everything you need for an effective workout, so it’s suitable for both beginners and those who already have boxing experience.

What is Liteboxer Fitness Bundle?

The Liteboxer is a virtual reality boxing training facility that helps its users become better trainers. A boxing trainer through a few quick punches and kicks to get in a good rhythm.

You can get fit and have fun in a safe manner. You’re not going to have to travel to the gym, or do any kind of exercise, in order for this virtual environment to work. The Liteboxer trainers also provide their members with warm-ups, boxing suggestions and workout plans. This distinguishes virtual trainers from other at-home gym alternatives.

A virtual reality boxing gym has hand tracking to allow you to hit your opponent, as well as a variety of lessons that are updated frequently. With the variety of workouts you can create, you can find one that’s fun for you. You will probably be sweating and dripping wet!

With Liteboxer, you may also compete against other members of the fitness center. This program provides a virtual sparring experience to help you improve your combat skills.

It is now easier to play Liteboxer VR, a game where you box against an AI opponent in a safe and stable environment.

How Much Does the Liteboxer Cost?

  • Liteboxer costs $29.99 per month.
  • If you choose the annual plan, the monthly cost is $27.50.
  • You get 30 days for free and a free trial. If the customer is not convinced by it, he can get a refund for his subscription.

How do you use the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle?

There is no need to worry if you don’t have a subscription. Liteboxer doesn’t require one, and you’ll still be able to use all of the features, including

  • Boxing Tutorials
  • Music
  • Trainers
  • Content

By using a sound system that syncs with their fitness program, instructors are able to keep the pace while they teach and students are able to get into peak shape. Instructors choose and create playlists for every class session which focuses on different genres of music with varied subjects for progression.

Types of Literboxer

  1. Liteboxer Wall Mount
  2. Liteboxer Floor Stand

Liteboxer Wall Mount

Liteboxer is a distinctive fitness device. Integrating the latest music and technology into your training at home gives a fun and unstoppable boxing workout. A LiteBoxer wall mount can be hung on the wall.


  • One Liteshield
  • Covers
  • Monitor
  • Fitness training apps
  • Gloves for boxing

Liteboxer Floor Stand

The wall mount is an add-on that’s compatible with the same lightboxes. The floor stand is an additional product that goes well with this kit, but it is best to use in a planned-out space around the fixture when you install it. It will also be wider than the other mount.


  • Floor stand
  • One Liteshield
  • Covers
  • Fitness training apps
  • Monitor
  • Gloves for boxing

How to Set Up Literboxer?

The Liteboxer includes boxing equipment and a digital punching bag. It’s possible to perform squats, jabs, and other boxing-style activities with the coordinated light show. It is a must-have for any home gym. It can handle the rigorous use that anyone would give it, and you’ll love how easy it is to set up and begin using your machine.

The Liteboxer is sturdy and can make a lasting impression on your workout station. It has a durable metal surface with protective coating so that it will last you through your toughest strength training routines.

You can swing, jab, and do various other techniques through the Heavy Bag. You can also learn new techniques for light-struck combinations if you are a beginner. Liteboxer is a package loaded with exercise equipment. You’ll get a punching bag, which will track your progress, and a punch sensor wristwatch.

Exercise will be more enjoyable with the digital punching bag. The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is an excellent choice for someone who needs to reduce weight or modify their lifestyle.

Punching Bag

The Liteboxer fitness bundle includes a punching bag as well as workout software. With the program, you may work out at home and mimic training sessions that professional boxers undergo. The Liteboxer comes with several practice sessions and contains stunts for you to use.

You can use the app to track your progress and send quotations to friends and family. The app features a punching bag that is perfect for any fitness regimen.

The Liteboxer workout package helps you stay in shape. It comes with a punching bag and a shield, among other things. You also get a membership to its online community for free. You can go on a punching training journey with the fitness app. Just sign up for your free membership and get started right away!


The Liteboxer is surprisingly well made with a metal foundation and rubber material. It is an advanced training tool for boxing. It’s a stand that you step on, and it provides counterbalance when punching. The shield-like part of the punching bag is adjustable for different stances.

The Liteboxer is designed as a workout station. It comes with a punching shield and a pedestal that can be adjusted in height. The bundled programs provide a variety of workouts for when you’re working out.

This is a great purchase. It offers you the ability to integrate some cardio into your day.

The Liteboxer has many different options for your height and comfort that you can easily adjust. It is an inexpensive way for people to stay in shape. It comes in several colors and includes a subscription to a fitness app.

With consistent usage, the Lightbox can offer outstanding results in a few months. Having this training equipment makes it easy to work out on a regular basis. Users will be pleasently surprised how much better they look after using this boxing machine!

Music Player

People can listen to their favorite songs while working out with the Liteboxer exercise package, which includes a music player. The Liteboxer is compatible with popular song publishers and has a licensing agreement with Universal Music Group.


The Liteboxer workout package is a boxing class in which the instructor teaches basic skills with hand wraps, gloves, and yoga mat to ensure safety. It is currently available for pre-order, and they offer three-month memberships at $29 each.

Liteboxer has recently received a $6 million investment from Will Ventures. This will increase the company’s stock value significantly. It has a number of functions and costs a pricey $1,495 for the Liteboxer workout package. Despite certain drawbacks, it is a solid investment.

The fitness package is an exciting, interactive experience which helps you learn how to get in shape. The Liteboxer includes corporate updates and unique offers. However, it is not the right option for someone who is only interested in looking better without getting fit.

This is a high-end alternative to the traditional gym memberships. It costs $1,495 and $29 per month for premium access. You can follow your personal trainer on your phone or tablet, which comes in the box.

It’s important to have a safe option for exercise, especially if you don’t have the time or resources for boxing. Many people prefer punching bags or gloves so that their hands feel safe and can continue exercising without consequences.

Wrap Up

The Lightbox workout kit will help you improve your health quickly.

The Liteboxer is an excellent choice of affordable and fun home gym equipment to increase motivation.If you want to find a way to stay in shape and motivated, the Liteboxer will give you something great for a low price.

You’ll feel great after going to the gym, and you’ll have an easier time losing weight and building muscle. It’s a great way to stay fit!

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