In his ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue, Woody Harrelson makes jokes about the COVID conspiracy

woody harrelson’s ‘saturday night live

Woody Harrelson is currently under fire for referencing his controversial stance on vaccination and the COVID-19 pandemic in his opening monologue for the Feb. 25 episode of “Saturday Night Live”. The actor, who has taken to the stage for his fifth time as host of “SNL”, proceeded to ramble off a story that all hinged around the “craziest script” he’s ever read. After several minutes of getting distracted talking about smoking weed, drinking and what kind of tree he was sitting under, the actor describes the aforementioned script.

In the movie, Harrelson says, “The world’s biggest drug cartels get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians, causing everyone in the world to stay locked away at home. People can only escape if they take the cartel’s drugs and keep taking them for years to come.”

Harrelson continued, “I threw away the script. Who believed that crazy idea? Being forced to do drugs? I do that every day of my life.”

The sketch show was criticized by some online viewers shortly after the live broadcast for airing the insipid anti-vax monologue: “Thank you, @nbcsnl, for airing Woody Harrelson’s insipid anti-vax monologue,” producer Lee Goldberg said. Who will host next week, Scott Adams?

There have been several conspiracy theories involving the “Champions” star regarding the Coronavirus epidemic. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he called the mask-wearing “absurd” and explained that he hasn’t contracted COVID because he’s “internally clean.” He also posted an Instagram post accusing the 5G networks of spreading COVID (and deleted it later).

As a result of COVID, “Saturday Night Live” has been public-minded in the past, filming out the quarantined season at the cast members’ homes. A joke Harrelson told throughout his hosting gig was that Tom Hanks coined the term the five-timers club during “SNL at Home,” another joke he made. Several cast members chose to wear masks during the opening credits sequence when they returned to 30 Rock.

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