How to Calculate Your Compatibility with TikTok By Moon Phase

what is the moon phase tiktok trend

People have long been fascinated by astrology because it can appear to predict a person’s compatibility with others. There are many ways in which astrology can be used by someone in their life, whether it is to determine their destiny based on their star sign, horoscope, or birth time.

The moon phase when a person was born is one such astrological phenomenon that TikTok is seeing a surge in interest in.

TikTok users compare their moon phases with others to see if they are “soulmates.” According to NASA, the moon has eight phases, including a New Moon, a Waxing Crescent, a First Quarter, a Waxing Gibbous, a Full Moon, a Waning Gibbous, a Last Quarter, and a Waning Crescent before it reverts back to a New Moon at the end of the cycle.

Each phase of the moon is determined by the amount of sunlight reflected off the surface of the moon and onto Earth, depending on how close the moon is to the sun during its orbit around the Earth.

With TikTok’s new trend, users find out what the moon’s phase was the day they were born and compare it to the phase of the person they wish to compare to. The video shows the phases side by side. By layering the two phases and seeing how well they fit together, one can see if another person is their “soulmate” on the “moon phase soulmate” trend.

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