Grown Meat – Can You Buy Stocks Now?

grown meat

On Wednesday, we witnessed a significant step forward in the development of lab-grown meat: Upside Foods and Good Meat received clearance to commence commercial sales of lab-grown chicken. That means you could see genuine meat created in a lab in your grocery store soon.

The invention has the potential to alter animal agriculture, a key contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, but the new product will most likely require a public relations campaign before the public embraces the concept. Investors are salivating at the prospect of investing in exciting start-ups. Here’s the most recent.

This year has seen advancements in generative AI, and now lab-grown meat is on its way to restaurants and grocery stores near you. It’s all due to the tech industry, which is pushing cutting-edge technologies – and with’s Emerging Tech Kit, you can invest in tomorrow’s tech companies and ETFs.

The United States Department of Agriculture has awarded two start-ups, Upside Foods and Good Meat, the green light to commercially manufacture and sell lab-grown chicken in the United States.

The procedure involves extracting a small number of stem cells from animals and putting them in a cultured environment to help them proliferate. They are then extracted and placed in a bioreactor, where they produce lab-grown meat.

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