Former Afghan communications minister becomes pizza delivery boy in Germany

Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat, who was the Minister of Communications in Ashraf Ghani’s government, is currently delivering pizza in Leipzig, Germany. (Photos: Social Media)

Berlin: Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat, a former communications minister in the Afghan government, started delivering pizza on a bicycle in Germany.

Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat, a communications minister in former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s government, has started working as a pizza delivery boy at a food delivery company in Leipzig, East German state of Saxony, and is riding his bicycle, according to a foreign news agency. Supply pizza to customers.

The report states that the former Afghan minister resigned from the Afghan government in December 2020 and fled his country to the German state of Saxony, where he made pizza with the German company LifeRando. Delivery work started. Pictures of the former minister circulating on social media show him delivering pizza orders on a bicycle in Leipzig.

Talking about this, the former Afghan minister said that now he is living a simple life. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He was preparing plans while looting the government budgets of other ministries, including the Ministry of Communications, and trying to transfer money abroad.

“They wanted to seize the budget of the ministries and run away from the country, and when I refused to take part in the looting plot, they started a conspiracy and I had to resign.” That’s how I escaped and came to Leipzig. When the money ran out, he started working in a delivery services company, ”Shah Sadat told the media.

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