Demi Lovato’s song ‘Skin of My Teeth’ is about addiction

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Demi Lovato is leading the punk rock revolution.

Skin Of My Teeth, a song by The Singer, has just been released.

In the song, Lovato mentions “rehab” and wanting to be “free.” This is a vast improvement taking it from an addiction concept to just a program in which she has been through.

“I’m alive by the skin of my teeth/Won’t you try to have some mercy on me,” the lyrics in Lovato’s song says. “Asking why doesn’t make it easier/Go easier on me.”

Lovato struggled with addiction in 2018 and had to have emergency surgery. They identified as nonbinary, but preferred they/them pronouns.

In 2021, they shared that the overdose had caused multiple strokes and brain damage.

“Skin of My Teeth” is a single off the new album by Lovato and is available on August 19.

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