Brad Pitt Comes Up On His Motorcycle On Angelina Jolie’s House

angliena joli and Brad pitt

Lockdown for three months due to COVID-19 was proved very helpful because it takes Angelina Jolie and  Brad Pitt near each other.

From that moment on  Los Angeles County raise that to stay at home due to pandemic coronavirus


 The 56-year-old hunk was photographed paying regular visits to Angelina’s $25 million mansions during June and July, and this place is not very distant from his estate in the Los Feliz area of L.A.  

 Brad drags to Angie’s tall front iron gates by covering the distance on his motorcycle.

Brads motorcycle

On which motorcycle the Brad comes is the same blue and white striped bike in the huge collection and he already used this bike.

He used this bike in a June 23 visit to Angie’s place. The actor which wins the Oscars award also used the same white protective riding gloves,  identical shiny silver helmet with sunglasses on, and there is no mistake to see the face because as his movie-star good looks were clear as day.

Brads Wearing

Brad wears a long-sleeved white shirt underneath a royal blue tee. On his faded blue jeans, he had the cuffs which are turn up from his ride over the place.

He pulled up his usual white slip-on sneakers that he also wears when he visits before to  Angelina’s house. 

At one time in holly wood, one holly wood star also wear the same dress.

Brad also has seen in the photograph on July 9 in  Angelina’s home before three days when their twins Knox and Vivienne turned 12.

Kids Trip With Her Mother

Both kids also went to TOWN TRIP WITH HIS MOTHER  last week and they also saw in the photograph disembarking from a private plane at Burbank Airport on July 23, along with Angelina and their older sister, 15-year-old daughter Zahara. 


Angie photographed going on shopping trips with Vivienne and making her way to dinner with son Pax, 16, during June and July after the lockdown.

Brad also saw with Angies one kid on  Sept. 2016 split from the Maleficent actress.

Brad did not like to click photographs when he spends time with the children. 

Angelina And Brads Breakup

After an acrimonious child custody battle during their breakup,  Angelina and  Brad caught in a custody agreement  in Nov. 2018,


After some time, the troubles between them become to solve. 

In the temporary agreement, brad becomes very co-operative with their children and also with them.

In first they went to war and their relationship becomes complicated.  

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