Blue tooth technology test cheating gang arrested

The battery and SIM card were hidden in the slippers, while the microphone was placed in the candidate’s ear. Photo: File

New Delhi: Police in the Indian state of Rajasthan have uncovered a group of people chatting in an exam for the recruitment of government teachers.

According to Indian media, Rajasthan police conducted raids across the state and arrested 40 members of the group, who were installing calling devices in their slippers for chatting. In Bikaner city, five members of the gang, including a woman, were caught putting a blue tooth device in the slippers of the examinees and selling a pair of slippers for Rs. 600,000.

A small battery and a SIM card technology tips were hidden in the slippers, while a small microphone was placed in the candidate’s ear, through which he could listen to the answers to the questions and solve the paper.

According to police, the accused include a suspended sub-inspector who managed to escape and raids are being carried out to nab him. Bluetooth devices and SIM cards have been recovered from the arrested suspects. The mastermind of the network is said to be Tulsi Ram, owner of a coaching center, who has been arrested on plagiarism charges before.

In the same case, when the police arrested a couple on charges of plagiarism, it was found that the couple had written the same name, parent’s name, and even date of birth in their applications. Similarly, two police constables were also suspended for chatting with their wives.

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