JYP Entertainment Net Worth

JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel has over 25.8 million subscribers and an estimated net worth of $21. 5 million. This is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

So you might be wondering, What is JYP Entertainment worth? And how much money does JYP Entertainment make? To get a rough estimate of its earnings or net worth, we can look at the channel’s viewership data.

About JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment Corporation is a South Korean organization that was founded in 1997 by J. Y. Park. It is one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea and has various holdings, including a record label, talent agency, event management company, concert production company, and music publishing house.

The agency also operates many subsidiary ventures and divisions in various parts of the world. Some of their notable artists include the groups 2 PM, Day6, Twice, Boy Story, Stray Kids, Itzy, and NiziU, as well as solo artist Bernard Park.

Net Worth

JYP Entertainment is estimated to have a net worth of about $65.63 million.

Our estimate only includes one source of revenue, which could mean that the net worth of JYP Entertainment is higher than $65.63 million. On the other hand, they may have a smaller net worth of $91.88 million when we explore all sources of income.

What is JYP Entertainment’s revenue per year?

JYP Entertainment’s estimated earnings per year are $16.41 million. JYP Entertainment, with its popular YouTube channel, brings in 273.47 million views each month.

Net Worth Spot estimates JYP Entertainment earns close to $1.09 million a month, for a total of about 16.41 million annually. If JYP Entertainment is within this range, then every thousand video views earn around $3 to $7 in ad revenue.

Influencers often have more than one way to make money. They may do things like selling their own products, getting sponsored by brands, or working with affiliate links.

JYP Entertainment estimated earnings by months

monthestimated earnings
October 2022$ 130K
September 2022$ 196K
August 2022$ 257K
July 2022$ 366K
June 2022$ 204K
May 2022$ 177K
April 2022$ 128K
March 2022$ 290K
February 2022$ 127K
January 2022$ 257K
December 2021$ 225K
November 2021$ 340K
October 2021$ 376K
September 2021$ 330K
August 2021$ 292K
July 2021$ 267K
June 2021$ 411K
May 2021$ 394K
April 2021$ 292K
March 2021$ 167K
February 2021$ 272K
January 2021$ 40.2K
November 2020$ 131K
October 2020$ 243K

People Also Ask

How many videos does JYP Entertainment have?

JYP Entertainment uploaded 1,563 videos on youtube.

How many video views does JYP Entertainment have?

JYP Entertainment has 17,766,696,416 video views.

What is the monthly income of JYP Entertainment?

The income of JYP Entertainment is $ 352K.

When JYP Entertainment uploaded the first video?

JYP Entertainment has youtube channel since 2008-01-25.

How many subs does JYP Entertainment have?

JYP Entertainment has over 25,800,000 subscribers.

How much does JYP Entertainment make per 1000 views?

JYP Entertainment makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

What is the net worth of JYP Entertainment?

$ 21.5M is the approximately net worth of JYP Entertainment.

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