Bam Margera went missing from rehab. Authorities are now searching for him

Bam Margera

Authorities are actively searching for Bam Margera who has gone missing.

Jackass prankster, 42, reportedly fled a facility in Florida after police launched a search for his whereabouts several days ago.

Sources close to Margera told TMZ that the former reality TV star left rehab after he apparently got into an argument with his wife and developed growing dissatisfaction with the service.

Phoenix Wolf, who has a dad-of-one with a partner named Nicole Boyd is said to have told staff at the centre that he was unhappy and planned to leave — despite being barred by the center.

On Monday, June 22, the manager at Margera’s rehab reported him missing. According to a water police report, he told them Margera would be checking himself into another rehab program in the area before leaving in a car.

The person who was originally in rehab under court order got a job as a pro-skateboarder. On the day he checked out of a rehab facility after arriving, he posted a long Instagram feed about his life and feelings in 2019.

After quitting the center, he said no-one can stop him, insisting that he was doing better than ever. Margera posted a photo of a handwritten note he wrote with the words, ‘By day number 5 in rehab I realised when I am bored is when I drink.’

Alcohol is not allowed in rehab so people are bored a lot. But that’s when people get creative and exercise, workout, and yoga a lot. Boredom won’t stop them sometimes if alcohol is off limits.

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