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An old and dilapidated phone booth in the park was stolen

An oppressive Zarif also stole the booth and the town lost its oldest public monument. (Photo: Social Media)

Colorado: A defunct booth has been from a in Coop, a small town in the US state of Colorado, against which the residents have also lodged a report.

According to reports, the phone booth was installed 50 years ago today with a local petrol pump from where locals could make calls.

However, a few years later, when the petrol pump closed, the phone booth was relocated to the town’s central .

Since the advent of mobile phone facility, the use of the phone installed in this booth has also come to an end and it has become useless. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Even after it failed, the phone booth remained a center of public interest, and passers-by continued to take pictures with it.

Last week, an oppressive Zarif also stole the phone booth and the town lost its oldest public monument.

Residents of the town have now filed a theft complaint with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, demanding that the town’s most important identity booth be recovered as soon as possible.

US police are also wondering what could be the reason behind the theft of a useless phone booth?

Obviously, this puzzle will be solved only when the thief of this phone booth is arrested.

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