An internet joke about Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored girlfriend’s age goes viral

an internet joke about leonardo dicaprio's rumored girlfriend's age goes viral

The latest news about Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged relationship with a teenager is causing him to face social media ridicule. After breaking up with model Camila Morrone, a theory circulated that he has never dated anyone older than 25 years old. DiCaprio, 48, has a reputation for dating younger women.

Eden Polani, a 19-year-old Israeli model, is rumored to be his latest girlfriend, regardless of whether that is true.

The age of DiCaprio’s supposed new girlfriend has become another talking point online, with many people mocking him with jokes. One comedian’s take resonated with social media users, putting Polani’s age into context. “Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend’s high school experience was interrupted by COVID 19,” said comedian Rohita Kadambi on Twitter.

Although Kadambi’s statement has been viewed over 14 million times online, there is an element of truth to it.

In an article published by the Daily Mail on January 31, Polani was pictured with DiCaprio at the EP release party for singer Ebony Riley. This led to speculation that they were dating, as their birthdates are only a few months apart. It is unknown which day Polani was born, but assuming she was born in 2003 or early 2004, she would have been 16 or 17 when COVID-19 hit in March 2020.

Online, thousands commented and retweeted Kadambi’s observation, many of whom expressed shock. Some were appalled, while some defended DiCaprio. As people offered their own interpretations of the age gap between the alleged couple, jokes arrived thick and fast.

Another university professor, Sarah Parcak, suggested a slightly more ironic proposal for Leonardo DiCaprio. “With each new child bride, my semi-ironic Leonardo DiCaprio t-shirts (6) get less cute,” British entertainment writer Lucy Ford wrote.

DiCaprio wouldn’t be so harshly criticized if the genders were respected, according to former UFC fighter Jake Shields. “The only people upset with Leonardo DiCaprio for sleeping with young beautiful models are women he wouldn’t sleep with,” the former fighting champion wrote. “The same women praised Demi Moore for dating Ashton Kutcher.”

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