Alabama’s Brandon Miller brought his ex-teammate’s gun before shooting

alabama brandon

On Tuesday, police in Tuscaloosa, Ala., testified that the gun used by Miles in a fatal shooting last month was brought to his former teammate, Alabama star freshman Brandon Miller. Miles and Michael Davis, who are charged with capital murder in the death of Jamea Harris on Jan. 15, are not facing any criminal charges. Miller, who is expected to be a lottery pick in the NBA draft next June, is not facing any criminal charges.

During a preliminary hearing, police said Miles texted Miller asking him to bring Miles’ gun. When Miller arrived, Miles told Davis, “The heat is in the hat,” meaning a gun was present.

The gunfire was exchanged between Miles and Davis inside Miller’s car, and Miller’s windshield was hit twice by bullets, according to testimony. Harris’ boyfriend, Cedric Johnson, shot back and struck Davis in the shoulder, according to testimony.

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