A British child of Pakistani descent earned 29 290,000 from the Wheel NFT

Benjamin Ahmed, a British-born Pakistani boy, has made digital pictures of several whales, which have sold for Rs. Photo courtesy of the BBC

London: A 12-year-old British teenager of Pakistani descent has sold digital images of whales as NFT. Pictures of the strange whale in the form of pixels have sold for 290,000 pounds, which amounts to 673 million rupees.

Under Blockchain, Benjamin’s photo rights have been sold as NFT (non-fungible tokens) in exchange for a popular cryptocurrency, such as Eritrea.

There is a growing trend for NFTs around the world to acquire digital ownership of masterpieces of art. This right is given and taken under a kind of digital token. In this way it can be bought and sold in the market. But the buyer cannot get the copyright.

Interestingly, Benjamin does not yet have a bank account, but he did acquire cryptocurrency. Both Benjamin and his brother learned coding from their father. He was the first to create digital art inspired by the Minecraft game. In the second stage, they made strange wheels from pixel to pixel. In this way, he created 3350 whale emojis from his digital program which is amazing.

All the whales grow slowly and appear on the screen. In fact, he wanted to make an underwater game consisting of a pixel-wheeled wheel, but he probably didn’t get it. He is now working on a third digital artwork consisting of superheroes.

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