5-Best Places In Pakistan To Visit This Winters

best places in Pakistan to visit

Winters always comes with the idea of falling in love with the snowfall. And to enhance your experience we have collected the best places in Pakistan to visit these winters.

Pakistan is regarded as a paradise on earth. It is filled with natural landscapes, fascinating sceneries, and spectacular locations to enjoy snowfall this winters.

According to Forbes, Pakistan is one of the ‘coolest places’ to visit in 2019. Let’s explore the magnificent terrains of Pakistan that will make you plan a visit to them immediately.

Shangrila Lake and resort, Skardu

Firstly, Shangrila Lake was formerly known as the lower kachula lake. It was called Shangrila Lake after the built of a resort on its bank.

shangrila lake

Shangrila Lake is a center of attraction for tourists in Skardu. Tourists also believe it as a paradise on earth. The main remarkable thing is its resort built in the construction of an airplane.

shangrila resort

The drive is only about 25 minutes away from Skardu.

2) Cold Desert, Skardu

Secondly, another best place to visit in Skardu is its Cold desert. This dessert is also called the Katpana desert. The main specification of this place is that it is the world’s highest desert.

cold desert skardu

If you want to plan a visit to the cold desert in December and January then expect the temperature range below −17 °C (1 °F).

katpana desert skardu

Although the cold desert is stretched from Khaplu Valley to Nubra including Skardu and Shigar valley but the most visited portion of it is near Skardu Airport.

3) Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Ziarat

Quaid-e-Azam Residency is located in Ziarat, Balochistan. It is the major cause of why tourists attracted to Ziarat.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Ziarat

The city’s main precipitation is in the form of snow and because of this, the attraction of Ziarat typically increases in winters.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency, Ziarat
PC: Pinterest

If you want to visit this place in December or January then below -15 °C temperature will welcome you there.

4) White palace Swat

White palace Marghazar attracts tourists towards it due to its pleasant weather and natural beauty. If you visit this place you can clearly witness calming vibes entering into your body.

White palace Swat
PC: dawn.com

Its mesmerizing sceneries not only look stunning in winter but they also awestruck its viewers in summers.

The white palace looks extremely magnificent after a snowfall in winter so if you really want to enjoy true snowfall, make a visit to swat.

5) Ansoo Lake, Kaghan

Fascinating Ansoo Lake is located in Kaghan. This lake is a true miracle of nature because of its tear shape. Moreover, its shape makes it more special.

Ansoo Lake, Kaghan

This lake looks beautiful in winters as it gets a freeze in the peak of winters. In the whole year, it remains covered with snow.

If you want to trek Ansoo Lake then the best time is from 10 July to 10 august but if you want to see the snow and experience the real wintery weather then visit it in winters.

Ansoo Lake, Kaghan
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